Frequently Asked Questions

Q - “Is the information Secure?”
A - Yes, no one can gain access to your information other than you and the People you nominate

Q “I’ve opened my account but feel uneasy answering some of the questions as I am undecided?”
A - That’s, fine, don’t worry, come back as and when you have made that decision, remember the more information you leave can help your loved ones make the right decisions for you.

Q - “How do I remove a nominated person?”
A - Login to your profile, click on 'My Nearest and Dearest' and click the delete button next to the relevant person.

Q - “I can’t log in?”
A - Check you password, it’s case sensitive. If you have lost or forgotten your password, click the link to reset the password. If all else fails please contact us.

Q - “My nominated friend has lost their PIN?”
A - Log into your account and Select your friend, press the button to resend the pin.

Q - “My loved one has passed away, I was nominated on his account but I have lost my pin and log in details?”
A - The information we hold is secure. If the account holder can no longer log in and you have lost you PIN you will need to contact us.

Q - “The website doesn’t display on my computer well at all?”
A - Please update your web browser

Q - “Can my loved ones view my last chapter prior to my passing?”
A - Nearest and Dearest should not try to access your information unless you have passed on. Should they try, you will be notified by email.

Q - “My friend passed away and I want to know if they were registered on the website?”
A - Unfortunately, unless you are nominated to receive the information we cannot provide access due to Data Protection issues.