Welcome to My Last Chapter.

The founders of this site have personal experience of the difficulties that arise when a loved one passes away and leaves no wishes about their final journey. At a time when family and friends should be coming together, all too often disagreements about what the deceased's final wishes would have been, cause discord, arguments and bad feeling. This site is not only for you, but for them, so that your funeral is remembered for the right reasons, and that afterwards the abiding memories are of you.

We think of My Last Chapter similar to a book. The easy feel and use of the website allows you to complete each chapter until your book is complete. We understand that to even imagine or contemplate your last wishes can take time, we accept it’s not easy. For that reason once you have joined My Last Chapter, you can simply come back as many times as you want to amend/delete or complete sections as you wish.

The website is secure and only loved ones that you nominate will be able to see your last wishes providing they can answer a question that only you and they would know. The information we store can only be accessed by those who you choose. Your nominated loved ones receive a secure communication allowing them to access your wishes.

Our hope is this service would be useful to all that use it. We are always open to suggestions to improve the site. Suggestions and comments can be e-mailed to us using the contact link. Please also check our frequent Questions and Answers.

Please enjoy the experience of something rather new and different.